Software installation

When you install new computer software, many problems can happen. You need to follow the right steps, choose the right options and copy your files in the right folder. A mistake can easily occur and prevent you from completing your software installation. This is why RCS Computing Services offers its professional services in assisting you for any software installation tasks you might have. Spare yourself the stress of doing something wrong by letting our technician do all the work. That way you insure yourself that you will not encounter any obstacles when you next use your software, as it will be properly installed, whether you are working from the office or at home. Also, RCS Computing Services offers you a software update service and this, no matter which operating system you use.

Here is a list of the software we install:

  • Accounting software;
  • Security software;
  • Construction software;
  • Inventory management software;
  • Specialized software;
  • And many others...
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