Computer Hardware

Storage and memory

Our computers contain all sorts of information that are more or less important to us. It can be personal data, just as it can be work related information. It is of the utmost importance for this data to be kept in a safe place. You have two choices: record it to a storage device or save it to a memory stick, often referred to as "USB key". Depending on the amount (or size) of the data to save, your RCS Computing Services specialist will know how to guide you toward the right solution. Whether you choose to use the storage device or the memory stick, you will be accompanied throughout the data transfer process. Our specialist will make sure that this process is done appropriately and that your date is completely safe.

Here are a few storage and memory devices we suggest:

  • Western Digital;
  • Seagate;
  • LaCie;
  • Kingston;
  • Maxtor;